lass mir zeit

spiegelbild zwilling

alter ego meine

außenseele wer bist du?


sommerregen tropft

sanfte ruhe um mich ein

stummer frieden bis


dein gewittersturm

mir die sicht nimmt nur blitz und

donner als pfad


dein wasserfall reißt

mich ungewollte tiefen

falle in endloses nichts


tröstende stille

fängt mich warmes mitgefühl

bitte sei glücklich!


wirbelwind voller

ideen jongliert begeistert

hingerissen von


seiner eigenen

inspiration ich kann mit

dem orkan nicht schritt halten


löwe ich würde

dich zähmen aber spring mich

nicht plötzlich an


die ruhe vor und

die ruhe nach dem sturm sind

wir zusammen ganz?


kann ich dich rennen

lassen toben donnern renn!

und du lässt mir zeit…?


poor old man they say

has crumbled and given up

let me never end up like him they say


hero I think

just sitting there showing us

who you are

unwashed, wrinkled, no apologies


poor old man they say

we should help him

let’s give him something they say


wise courageous soul I think

can I sit with you for a bit?

can you teach me to be

so visible and true?

streets to the end

I walked you so often crying

because I was stranded in

your worn-out path

always leading me

to the end of the world

left staring at the far horizon

that stopped me getting away from the dark shore


now that I’m back following your path once more

I cry again

for my lost years for my lost life

for all my scars and painful memories


but today the endless horizon

invites me in

as if it had always wanted to show me

a new beginning


maybe it never told me to stay

maybe it was my own fear that said

letting go would be unbearable

maybe if I had had the courage to

listen to the waves, really listen

I would have heard them telling me

much earlier

to fly away

나에게 노래

내 암담하게 어두운 대양의 맨 아래


내 영원히 아픈 흉터의 여러 겹 뒤에


내 조심스럽게 지어진 방패의 반대쪽에


결국은 찾았네



깨지고 부서진

여전히 타오르고

숨을 쉬고 있는 나


아무도 아무 것도 반기지 않으려 지어진 방패의 반대쪽에 갇혔어 나오지 못했네


여전히 타오르고 숨을 쉬고 있는 나


날개가 자라지 않았도

이 팔만으로도 난

결국은 하늘을 나네


Yesterday was just yesterday.

Today I woke up in the morning and ate lunch at noon and went home from work early and called a friend late at night and made plans for tomorrow.

Yesterday the world was a mural relief like the background picture fixed to the wall of my existence.

Today the trees reach over the wall to greet me and the grass tickles me with millions of layers made of single blades and trails are leading to shady corners inviting me for a rest and the sunshine paints patterns on my skin while I watch bees dancing flower maps to each other. Today I could swear even the horizon has moved a little further away and pushed the clouds a little higher up to leave a little more space to fit all this life in that wasn’t here, yesterday.

Yesterday I looked at my wrists and saw vessels to cut through and cried.

Today I cry because I can’t decide whether to go look behind that fence that suddenly has holes in it, or to count all the baby cows I pass on my way to work, or to feed my lunch carrot to the horses at the corner just before the path reaches the campus, or to take pictures of all the things I see in the clouds so that I can show them to my flatmate when I come home, and I cry because I wonder if I will forget all of this when I go back into my black hole whose nothingness is as real as today’s sparkling vibrant explosion and if I do forget how will I remind myself that yes, there is another tomorrow, it’s just hidden behind that facade…

Almost The End

Wo sich die Gefäße treffen,

die schmalen weißen Handgelenke umspinnen,

elegante Handgelenke eigentlich,

durchscheinend und zerbrechlich wie Eiszapfen,

die in den ersten Strahlen der Morgensonne noch glänzen aber

vielleicht den Abend nicht mehr erleben werden oder

wie Bäche unter dünnem Eis durchscheinen, die

auch im Winterschlaf ihrem Fluss folgen.

Welche ist die Ader und welche die Vene?

Welche muss ich durchschneiden damit es nicht zu lange dauert?

Google weiß das sicher.

Wenn es gar nicht mehr geht.

Oder vielleicht beide, um sicher zu gehen?

Wenn es gar nicht mehr geht. Ich schaue nur.