there is a reason

we call it “lost in translation”

not “lost without translation”

if you don’t let go of your shore

you will never reach the other side

some people find the right current

but some of us start floating around

not sure where to hold on to anymore


languages are the key we say

to other people

to more understanding

to a peaceful togetherness

in a world of differences and disconnection


but why then

does being a citizen of the world

make me feel so lost

between new doors opening on one side

and people being left behind

why every time I enter a new world of new words and new stories and new memories

I lose all the people who cannot follow

who cannot understand anymore


maybe it was hubris

to think I could just go against

God’s punishment of Babel

create my own world with no restraints

do everything I imagine


or maybe we just got it wrong

trying to reach the sky with brick and mortar ending up scattered

upon the face of the world

maybe what our world of confusion needs

are not stairways but bridges

overpasses and arches and viaducts and

passages and crossroads and junctions

so we can safely travel back and forth and in the end


over the waves

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